MotoRokr - Review

Unlike its predecessor, the second generation ROKR supports Windows Media 11 and not iTunes. Less expectations and comparisons to iPods should give this unit a good start in the music phone market. I've actually been a RAZR user for the last 2+ years and was very excited at the opportunity to review it's more modern relative.

The slim ROKR fits nicely in your hand. It sports a smooth slider and a healthy weight that one would associate with quality construction. The polished surfaces and impressive casing design give the ROKR a very contemporary look and feel. To be honest, it makes my RAZR look more like the Zack Morris phone of the 90's. It also has a large vibrant display that features clear and modern icons.

With its music controls located on the outer-face, the ROKR is clearly all about the music. When the slider is closed the ROKR's controls make it easy to scroll through your music library and even access calls. When open, the controls on the face are easy to use for accessing the phone's other features.

Although this is a next generation Motorola it is still based on the same RAZR platform. If you are familiar with the RAZR operating system and menu then you'll be able to pick up the ins and outs of the ROKR in no time. Even if you are not accustomed to the interface you can still find your way around without having to read the manual.

One of my favorite attributes of the Motorola interface and Operating system is the ability to customize the user experience. We all operate differently and whether you're a left-brain or right brain cell phone user you can adjust the ROKR menu to suite your personality.

The 2.0 megapixel camera takes good pictures under the appropriate lighting conditions but like most cameras is only as good as the amount of available light. The Motorola Tools Application makes media uploads and downloads very simple. From custom ringtones to screen savers and ID pictures you have complete control over your experience.

The ROKR won't change your understanding of music phones but it will get the job done and keep you happy. If you enjoyed the RAZR but longed for more music enjoyment and flexibility then this is the phone for you.

Rhyme Revolution Rating: * * * *

Reviewed by: Bruce Ramsay