Jamie Foxx Presents America's Funniest Comic Vol. 3 - Review

Okay people, let’s get ready to roll out to the local comedy club. Okay, maybe we’re not rolling anywhere but Jamie Foxx Presents America’s Funniest Comics Vol. 3 is not unlike a trip to your local joke shack.

The only difference is the comedians are in Atlanta and you’re in the comfort of your own crib, safe from any heckling. I enjoyed the format of this DVD. It’s pretty simple but simplicity can often be a good thing. There isn’t a lot of fluff - just comedians telling jokes. However good the format of the DVD may or may not be, the rating for this edition of Foxx’s series is entirely reliant on the comedians. On that note, let’s get on with the show.

Cedric the Entertainer does a good job of warming up the easy Atlanta crowd. I say easy because the crowd plays more like a laugh track than a live audience throughout the entire DVD.

First up to bat is Donnell Rawlings whom we may all know as Ashy Larry form The Dave Chappelle Show. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Donnell live as the host for the “I’m Rich Biatch Tour” a few years back. He is hilarious and does a good job as the opener for this show. Nothing side-splitting but still a good performance.
Rhyme Revolution Rating: * * * *

David Arnold follows Donnell with jokes about his wife and newborn child. His set doesn’t really connect with the audience at first, but as he continues, the crowd becomes a lot more involved.
Rhyme Revolution Rating: * * *

Esau McGraw has a bit of an odd delivery style. He wavers from acting slightly slow to doing an odd variation of John Witherspoon’s mannerisms. It fits for Witherspoon… I can’t say that it works for you, Esau. His jokes were off and one too many punch lines missed their mark.
Rhyme Revolution Rating: * *

I love to see a white comedian rock a predominantly black crow but Louie Katz is not Mark Trinidad. His set starts slow and picks up as it goes along. All in all, he holds his own well enough to keep the crown and provide some chuckles.
Rhyme Revolution Rating: * * *

Spanky Hayes
Rhyme Revolution Rating: * *

Tony Scofield
Rhyme Revolution Rating: * * 1/2

Willy Barcena is worth watching the entire show for. Well, at least he's worth hitting skip on the remote.
Rhyme Revolution Rating: * * *

The DVD starts off strong and drops off as it goes on. Willy Barcena picks it back up again with some hot lines at the end but all in all the laugh-o-meter never exceeds moderate levels. A lot of the jokes are old and ill-delivered. If you were to subtract the 3 weaker performances from the group of 6 the DVD would be pretty good but instead it’s average at best.

Starring: Cedric the Entertainer, Donnell Rawlings

Rhyme Revolution Rating (Overall): * * *

Reviewed by: Bruce Ramsay