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Material wealth, fast cars, expensive jewelry, disrespect for women, and an emphasis on spending money are some of the themes which reign prevalent in today’s world of hip-hop. Oddly enough, none of these themes are found in the music of Smoke Stack as this trio from Brampton, Ontario aims to deviate from the norm. Smoke Stack considers themselves to be a “throw-back” to hip-hop’s most authentic era (’93), as they fuse their individual talents together creating a unique brand of music. Consisting of emcee’s Silent Shadow and Abyss and producer Mighty Chops Smoke Stack creates an alternative to today's diluted form of hip-hop which seems to dominate the airwaves. An alternative, with a positive message that can be universally appreciated, understood, and commercially successful. We have also been blessed to work with the likes of some of Hip-Hops well noted Emcees; Smiff-N-Wesson aka The Coco Brovaz and Opio (S.O.M) of the Almighty Hieroglyphics crew.
Smoke Stack